Recent Controversy

We hear you. Team SpreadCon is made of socially conscious people just like you, and we want to do the right thing. At times, that means making decisions that face strong resistance.

Many of you feel that limiting SpreadCon to a single annual event is irresponsible. That to curb the rise of isolation in society, we should be running SpreadCon twice a year, if not year-round.

When it comes to making the best, safest event for spreaders possible, we believe that quality beats quantity. When we bring Spreadees together, we want the safest buildings, the best security, and the fewest doctors. That takes time, but we’re proud of that effort. It makes SpreadCon what it is.

That said, this is a conversation, not a dictation. Please reach out if you feel we’ve gone astray. If the facts change, we’ll explore adding sister events in the early fall.

Team SpreadCon