Panel Schedule

While people are the heart of SpreadCon, panels are the second heart.  A heart that unites 20 to 150 people in a single conference room. That density makes it easier to touch each other’s hearts. We invite you all (our first heart) into our second heart, so that you can enter each other’s hearts. That’s the third heart of SpreadCon.

A selection of our diverse panel schedule is below. Whether you’re a SpreadCon veteran, or this is your first year as a Spreadee, there’s a panel for you.

Morning Events

  • Coughs: Nature’s Trumpet
  • The Truth About Hand Sanitizer
  • Perfecting High-Five Technique
  • The Making of the Chocolate-Coated Doorknob
  • The Benefits of Sensual Group Activity
  • Hug Your Neighborhood Officer

Afternoon Events

  • One Building, One Toothbrush – Saving the Planet
  • Easy Bat Recipes for Parents on the Go
  • Public Group Sex – Do’s and Don’ts
  • Germs: Tests of Strength, or Tests of Faith?
  • Death Comes to All, Embrace the Void
  • Sensual Group Activity, Practice Run

Evening Events

  • Sensual Group Activity, Main Event
  • Masks Make God Angry: A Primer
  • Reading Fortunes Through Saliva
  • Vaccinate This!  Trivia Jam
  • Nurgle Prayer Circle
  • Peer Pressure: The Real Pandemic


  • Shared Glass Mixer
  • Networking Through Blood Brotherhood
  • Bar Crawling and Us, Right Now
  • Nurgle Ascension Ceremony
  • Sensual Group Activity, Recap